Katrin S. 

"I highly recommend Suzette Kula's tax services. She is professional, friendly, priced competitively and always available for questions or issues that come up.
I have worked with Suzette over the past 8 years on my tax returns after a miserable attempt

to do my own taxes.  I also tried an established one-size-fits all tax agency, but despite being quite pricey, they didn't put any effort in lowering my taxes.  Suzette knows my financial and

job situation quite well, and because of that she is able to keep me updated throughout the year with relevant issues that might affect my tax return.   She has saved me quite a bit of money

by knowing my situation so well and being proactive.  I sometimes receive emails about

certain financial transactions I was thinking about and she gave some very good advice on

the tax consequences and timing.  This year she suggested I should look into reducing my

property taxes by having a re-assessment done.  My experience with her over the years has

been very positive and I completely trust her with my returns."

Christy F.

"Suzette has been instrumental in the success of my small business. My knowledge of accounting and taxes was limited at first, and I was able to rely on Suzette's expertise in this area to get my business up and running and keep it running successfully. She has also been a valuable training resource, as she helped me set up Quickbooks for my business and trained me on the software's capabilities. In addition, she's provided some great education on retirement planning and tax strategies (SEP). I am constantly impressed with Suzette's professionalism, knowledge, attention to detail, and focus on customer service. I look forward to continuing to partner with Suzette for years to come!"

Lawrence H.
"Suzette Kula is a very professional and incredibly talented tax and accounting person.

I was referred to her by a close friend six years ago. The first year Suzette did my taxes

she kindly pointed out numerous mistakes I had been making in the past and had a

lot of great suggestions. With her services I was able to save money and gain a better understanding of our tax system. I look forward to Suzette's help every year." 

Denise W.

"I was referred to Suzette Kula by a friend 4 years ago after a very unhappy experience

with another CPA. I am extremely satisfied with Suzette, due to her expertise in multi-

state rental properties. I own rental units in 2 states and appreciate all the hard work

she has done for me. She was able to correct many inaccuracies in my tax returns from

previous years. Thank-you for your hard work and dedication.

Lisa M. 

"Suzette has been doing my personal and business taxes for over ten years, and I don't

know what I would do without her. She goes above and beyond regular tax preparation

to help me think about what will benefit me financially in both the short-and long-term.

Her tax organizer makes everything as easy as it could possibly be, and she sends

reminders with helpful tips throughout the year. She is highly professional, but always

adds a personal touch to her communications with me. I live in Northern California,

and would rather have her help than anyone in my local area.

Thanks to Suzette and her wonderful team!"

Charmaine H. ​​
"Suzette is one of the hardest-working people I know. She works tirelessly to meet

deadlines for her clients. She always maintains a high code of moral ethics and a calm demeanor. It is wonderful to know that I can trust Suzette completely in the role that she

plays in my business."

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